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Theatre of Crue:
Mike "Mick" Konstantinos – Guitar
Toby "Tommy" Lee - Drums
Dave "Nikki" Richmond - Bass Guitar
Jeff "Vince" Rex - Vocals
In Memory Always
"Shaun Boilanger"

Theatre of Crue (A Tribute to Motley Crue) hails from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed in 2018, the band pays tribute to the rich history of Motley Crue. Each band member’s love of Motley Crue, musicianship, & attention to detail comes alive collectively on stage.


In addition, Big Hair, makeup, & Theatrics add to heighten the experience. The ultimate goal being to bring the best quality replication of Motley Crue with every performance.

Making it a memorable event for all! Musically & aesthetically it does just that!

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